BECC, the new network of entrepreneurs in European capital cities
March 17, 2015
The President of MEDEF Paris, Jean-Louis Schilansky, was elected President of the Businessmen Organisations of European Capital Cities (OPCE) last October. He is currently modernising this network of entrepreneurs within European capital cities, now called Business European Capital Cities (BECC).

For 2O15, the BECC has chosen to focus on mobility within European capital cities. Travel undertaken by key economic players, employee commutes and urban logistics all have a major impact on companies. As local government authorities develop and implement new urban and environmental policies, the BECC provides the economic sector within European capital cities with a participating voice.

BECC will also enable entrepreneurs to develop their network throughout Europe, thanks to regular meetings and occasional events held throughout the capitals of Europe.

Jean-Louis Schilansky explained: “The companies within Europe’s capital cities are a major engine of growth for Europe. In order to develop, they must make themselves heard, as well as engage with each other through business exchange and cooperation. In widening its network and increasing its activities, the BECC is committed to its core mission of creating such opportunities.”

About the BECC
The BECC brings together the business associations of 11 European capital cities (Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Warsaw, Vienna, Athens, Nicosia, Valletta, Rome, Madrid, Lisbon), and encourages communication and networking in order to strengthen lobbying activities as well as the services provided to companies.

About Jean-Louis Schilansky
Jean-Louis Schilansky has been the President of MEDEF Paris since January 2011 and a member of the MEDEF Executive Board since 2008. He has also been a member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of France (CESE) since 2004, heading the Economic Activities division.
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